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We take action


At Malik Supply A/S, we are deeply committed to contributing to United Nations global goals. We take our responsibility seriously and believe this is vital for our business and employees.

We have implemented a variety of procedures and policies that enforce and measure our goals on our Safety Culture, Work Environment, and corporate environmental targets and emission reductions.


We believe that involvement in local projects related to creating value for people is a natural part of being responsible. As a company that started our journey in Greenland, we are committed to supporting Greenlandic children and contributing to sustainable development in our community.

We encourage you to explore the Global Goals, understand the specific targets, and utilize the resources we provide to make a meaningful contribution. Together, we can build a greener, fairer, and better world for everyone by 2030.

Join us in our mission to make a lasting difference.

  • Good health & well being

    We have ambitious goals for our work environment and care about the well-being of our employees.

  • Decent work & economic growth

    We actively seek to contribute to diversity, and create space for development through our collaboration with NGOs.

  • Responsible consumption & production

    We take responsibility for our consumption and activities, and have goals to ensure a balance between activities and consumption.

  • Climate action

    With a strong focus on our activities we ensure that we reduce our CO2 emissions.

Our support to the children in Greenland

Malik Supply A/S has a close relationship with Greenland. For a number of years, we have supported the association 'Greenlandic Children', which works for children and young people in vulnerable life situations in Greenland and Denmark. Every year, ”Greenlandic children” reach more than 700 children and young people, as well as their families. Through the support, we help the children turn vulnerability into resources and gain faith in themselves and their own abilities.




"Malik is an inclusive workplace. Our philosophy is that diversity makes strong."



As a company, we want to contribute to everyone having a chance of becoming a part of the labor market and a community. We work closely with "Aalborg AKTIV", the employment department, which gives value to the individual as well as our company.




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Our partnership with Exzentriq

Exzentriq is a socio-economic enterprise that helps young people who have difficulty entering the normal system. Some have diagnoses in the field of autism and others have psychiatric diagnoses. Common to them all is that at Exzentriq they are part of a community that involves them in tasks as well as Esport. Exzentriq helps Malik Supply A/S with both video and photographer tasks