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Our History


Malik Supply A/S was founded in 1989 as an independent company to undertake the growing bunkering and oil trading business. In the beginning, the primary goal was to service the international fishing fleet in Greenlandic and North Atlantic waters with bunker oil, lubricating oil and stores/provisions. Over the years, Malik Supply A/S has developed its core markets to also include the rest of the world through strong partnerships in key bunker areas. Not least by setting up a physical division in Denmark under the brand ‘Nordic Marine Oil’.


  • Malik Supply A/S was established as a physical supplier in Greenlandic and North Atlantic waters
  • Initiated trading activities supporting fishing and commercial customers worldwide
  • Initiated co-operation with Polaroil (KNI) in Greenland to support the Greenlandic community
  • Formed a strategic alliance with Addax in Geneva for North Atlantic off-shore supplies
  • Strategic partnership with Statoil Marine for supplies at Skaw road
  • Won the first tender for bunker supplies to rigs and vessels participating in the oil explorations at Greenland
  • Nordic Marine Oil A/S was established to take over all Danish activities previously undertaken by Statoil Marine
  • In the beginning we mainly operated in Greenland and the Northern Atlantic, but 30 years of hard work and a positive development has turned Malik Supply A/S into a well-known and respected bunker supplier worldwide.
  • Rebranding of companies. Nordic Marine Oil changed name to Malik Energy A/S.
  • Malik Group comprises more than 80 dedicated employees, including our dock workers along the Danish coasts, and our offices in Fredericia, Aalborg, Greece, and Greenland.
  • Malik House, our headquarters, is located in Aalborg, Denmark, where both Malik Energy A/S and Malik Supply A/S are based.