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Pricing tools for navigating a sometimes less transparent bunker market


Malik Supply A/S is your partner and will advise you as to the selection of the optimal solution in bunkers. We will also skilfully assist you in negotiations. Our more than 30 years of experience enable us to guide you in making the best purchase and navigating in the sometimes less transparent bunker markets.


Navigating the bunker market


The global bunker market has never been more fragile than today, and the change of prices of bunker can rapidly cause unforeseen costs for shipowners and operators.


Through our constant risk management, Malik Supply A/S attempt to reduce the risk of unforeseen increases in bunker prices. We do so by constantly applying a wide range of financial tools and solutions when purchasing lubricants.









  • Good quality adapted to all seasons

  • Flexibility in harsh weather conditions

  • Safety as a priority

  • Experienced crew members

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