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Biofuel is the future

Maritime is the third largest source of global transport emissions while carrying 90% of the world’s trade. Simultaneously, global brands are increasingly committing to net zero value chains. Consumer and brand demand for more sustainable shipping is subsequently building up. This underlines the sustainability of the whole value chain, including logistics and shipping.


Neste Marine™ 0.1 Co-processed is a low emission solution for marine sector, including shipping companies, cargo owners and charterers. In the production of the fuel, crude oil is partly replaced with renewable raw materials, making up a marine fuel that consist of both fossil and renewable content. The renewable part of the co-processed marine fuel enables up to 80%* lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the fuel’s life cycle compared to fossil fuel.

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A more sustainable marine fuel

As IMO and EUFITFOR55 fuel EU martime is approaching and shipping is moving towards a more sustainable future. Malik Supply has scaled our portfolio with bio products that enable the shipowner with significant GHG reductions. These products are available today for immediate reduction of GHG for ship and cargo owners.

- Co-procecced Marine fuel with up to 80% GHG reduction (Drop-in fuel)
- HVO with up to 90% GHG reduction

Or blends of above to reach specific GHG reduction targets.