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Marine Fuel & Gas Quality Standards


ISO 8217 has been evolving rapidly, and we have been subject to four revisions since 2005. Most suppliers comply with ISO 8217 2010 which is also a standard widely used by charter parties. However, in some areas of the world they still only adhere to earlier version of the standard.


At Malik Supply A/S, we encourage our suppliers to comply with the latest ISO 8217 standard available. However, local conditions might prevent this.


Even though earlier versions of products are perfectly fine for use and some even well within later standards, the outdated specification can leave the contracted parties with a contractual gap between actually tested ISO parameters and the required ones.


Determination of quality is always carefully discussed with our customers to ensure we follow the ISO standard required by the vessel.


Lubricating Oil

We only source marine engine oils and lubricating oils from the best manufacturers and suppliers. We know that the engine is the heartbeat of a vessel for which reason our lubricating oil team is trained to assist you in locating and purchasing the product that meets your demands in the best way.

Quality, safety, and efficiency

To ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency in all operations, we prioritize attention to detail as our foremost concern. Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero harm to both people and the environment, aligning with ISO certification requirements.

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For further assistance with the ISO standards, please contact our trading team.