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Malik House 

Located in the dynamic city of Aalborg, Denmark, our headquarters stand as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the heart of Northern Europe. 

Within Malik House, both Danish-owned companies, Malik Supply and Malik Energy, operate under one roof, fostering a cohesive environment where our employees embrace a business-minded approach.

Our workplace culture in Aalborg is characterized by professionalism and a strong service-oriented mindset. Here, we uphold high standards across all aspects of our operations, persistently pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Moreover, our headquarters in Denmark serve as a testament to our dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility. We work towards a more sustainable energy future. With continued research, innovation, and policy support, biofuel has the potential to play a significant role in reducing dependency on fossil fuels, mitigating climate change, and fostering a cleaner, greener planet for generations to come.

In Malik House, our headquarters embody the spirit of synergy, diversity, and excellence. Here, we have faith in individuals and actively recruit talented professionals from across the globe.

Welcome to our workspace in Aalborg — where teamwork thrives, diversity flourishes, and business innovation knows no bounds.



Natural energy partner


Malik Group aspires to be the preferred partner, ensuring optimal energy solutions for our customers. We provide comprehensive value to the maritime industry and other sectors with diverse energy requirements, offering superior service, supply security, expertise, and customized solutions.

  • Synergy

    We believe that collaboration raises the quality of our results. We show trust, we care and take responsibility for our actions.

  • Professional

    We have a professional approach and great business understanding while focusing on providing a high level of service.

  • Observant

    We prioritize quality and safety and seek a work process that provides zero damage to people and the environment.

  • Think new

    We are forward-thinking and look for new (green) solutions. We challenge the established truths and work on providing future energy solutions.