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Sustainable marine fuel

The energy sector is constantly evolving. At MALIK Supply A/S we closely monitor the situation in order to be up-to-date on products and technologies.

Tomorrow's fuel available today! Neste Marine 0.1 Co-processed offers the shipowner, cargoowner and charterers an immediate solution to the reduction of GHG including CO2 emissions with up to 80%. Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed is ISO 8217 compliant, and therefore it does not require any kind of investment in new machinery or associated equipment i.e Low CAPEX.

  • Tomorrow's fuel available today

  • ZERO investment by shipowners

  • Can be used without any modification on all existing ships and engines

A more sustainable marine fuel

Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed is a solution to global and corporate emission reduction targets.

We can deliver TODAY for immediate reduction up to 80% of GHG emissions.